Why do I need a website?

But don’t know where to start & how much will it cost?

one to one training session
Do I need a website? one-to-one-training-session

Are you looking for a business website but not sure what exactly you are looking for and how to find answers to your question?

I can help you to bring clarity to your business website journey. 

  • How to find a developer? 
  • Do I need a website hosting server? 
  • How to buy a domain?
  • How to find a good server?
  • Do I need website maintenance? 
  • Once the website is ready, will the phone start to ring?
  • How much will it cost? 
  • I can’t afford the website, how to find a cheap option?
  • I have a hosting and website already but my developers are not sharing the details, How to get my website and domain?

Please feel free to book a one-to-one session.

How It’s going to work?

Step 1. You will contact me by Phone or email.

Step 2. I will send you a small questionnaire to understand, what exactly are you looking for.

Step 3. When I will receive your answers then I will create a bespoke presentation.

Step 4. Then I will book a time slot with you and invite you for the video meeting.