We can help setting up parental controls.

Parental controls can help you manage what content your children can access online. By enabling parental controls, you can filter, monitor, and block your child’s activities to help reduce the risk of them encountering inappropriate content. We recommend using parental controls on all devices in your home, especially for younger children.

To get started with setting up parental controls, we suggest beginning with your Internet router. Most routers have the ability to filter content by age group or category. You can also set up different user profiles with different levels of access, so that you can tailor the content each individual in your family can see.

In addition to using your router’s parental controls, you can also set up controls directly on each device in your home. For example, on an iPhone you can go to “Settings”, then “Screen Time”, and finally “Content & Privacy Restrictions” to set up restrictions. Similarly, on an Android device you can go to “Settings”, then “Parental Controls”, to set up restrictions.

Finally, many Internet service providers (ISPs) also offer parental controls. These can be set up directly through your ISP’s website. Parental controls offered by ISPs usually have more comprehensive filtering options than those built into routers or devices. However, they can be more difficult to set up and may not work on all devices in your home.

If you need help setting up parental controls, we can assist you. Please contact us for more information.