Speed Up a Slow Processing Computer

No doubt computers were invented to make our lives easy and many of us today can’t even imagine our lives without it, but sometimes rather than solving our problems, computers cause bitterness in our lives. We have all been there – we have had a computer running fast when it’s new which then dramatically slows down over time. This is sure to cause frustration as we start assuming the reasons which could slow down our beloved computer. The most popular advice that you will get online or from friends involves RAM upgrades, antivirus installation or even windows re installation from scratch, but little did you know these advices are 80% assumptions which may not be true all the time and could be completely unnecessary.

There are numerous things that can slow down a PC. Every time you install a new program, it takes resources on your hard drive and extra entries in your registry. These slow the booting process and take up RAM. Windows updates and updates from Adobe, your antivirus software and other programs like Firefox can cause software to grow and often replace existing files which can fragment the hard drive.